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Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway: The need for increased security capacity

Information gathering and communication benefits provided through Google Apps,, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, E-business and countless other cloud based services and applications are easy to use. But bring security risks in the form of malware, viruses, and data loss that have the potential to devastate organizations.

As information technology continues to play a more prominent role, information workers and technology staff must establish a new balance. Workers must have the freedom and flexibility to meet business needs. IT must ensure that business efficiency, security and compliance are not compromised:

1. Many websites use SSL encryption, and it is not uncommon for entire web sessions to remain encrypted while the user is accessing the website. Without SSL inspection and proxy, SSL encrypted websites represent a significant security risk for most organizations.

2. Increasing malware and threats, the need for improved website security, and the exponential growth in rich media traffic, social networking use, and BYOD are all forcing IT administrators to recognize the need to plan for capacity growth in their secure web gateways. Because of this alarming and continually evolving threat landscape, businesses have to face the challenge in establishing the right balance in their approach to web usage.

Organizations need web security solutions that provide:

• Complete web security and acceleration, enabling flexible, granular policy controls over content, users, applications, web applications, and protocols
• Visibility and comprehensive control over web and mobile applications such as social networking and chat sites
• Strong user authentication, web filtering, deep inspection of content for threats or data loss, security checks, and inspection and validation of SSL traffic

Prodata Systems security solutions enforce comprehensive protection and control over web traffic, including strong user authentication, web filtering, and deep inspection of content for data loss or threats. Enabling granular visibility and control over applications, content, users, and protocols, providing the ultimate foundation for a secure web gateway.

Secure Web Gateway

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