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VPN Secure Remote Access

Virtual Private Networks are the best way to securely provide remote access to your corporate resources. Connecting a single user, freelancers, or even a corporate branch located in another country is possible in a few clicks. It is however crucial that you keep full control of these connections, and be able to enforce your own security policies to maintain the confidentiality of your data.

From a basic access portal to a full site-to-site connectivity, our product portfolio will provide you with all the required flexibility, keeping the security of your data always at the highest priority.

To simplify the day-to-day administration yet maintaining a full layer of control and security, our solutions are compatible with most of the strong authentications methods available on the market, including eID services.

Our solutions can be offered as a service by completing one or more of the following steps:
• Evaluate your company’s remote access requirements
• Develop a design and security policy that meets your requirements
• Select, install and configure hardware and software
• Test the new implementation
• Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance


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