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Policy Statement

The business world and the ICT market are constantly evolving. In order to support our growth strategy by remaining competitive, consolidating our customers' trust and building a lasting relationship with our customers by meeting their expectations and requirements, the Management decided to implement a management system that takes into account the values of Prodata Systems:

  • "people make the difference"
  • "drive to succeed"
  • "quality is the basis"
  • "customization is standard"
  • "purposeful service delivery" 
  • "ownership & commitment"

The Management is committed to implement, develop and maintain this policy in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, the laws and regulations which apply, for the following activities:
Sales, design of ICT solutions, advice and support, installation, repair and maintenance of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) equipment and software.
Each person in the management system designated by his/her function, is responsible for the execution of the arrangements within his/her department, as described in the system.
Prodata Systems takes the necessary actions to always satisfy the customer and increase customer satisfaction.  We also pay attention to the expectations and requirements of other relevant stakeholders (government, staff, partners, etc.). Prevention of personal injury,  material and environmental damage is a core element for this.
We continuously strive for improvement while taking into account the impact of our activities on the environment. We remain mindful of the human aspects of our activities (optimum health and safety, active prevention to prevent accidents and illness). We also monitor changes in our environment that may have an impact on our organization and activities.
Our objectives are set and reviewed annually during the Management Review by the Management and is communicated and explained to staff. This allows us to continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.
The Management takes responsibility for implementing, monitoring and ensuring the proper functioning as well as the continued adequacy of the management system.
The Management has appointed process owners to ensure the compliance, effectiveness and proper functioning of the management system.
Bart Carbonez
Chief Executive Officer

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