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VDI Assessment

Our VDI Assessment service helps companies anticipate and overcome virtual desktop performance issues so you can identify bottlenecks, restore performance, and deliver on the promise of VDI flexibility, scalability and end-user satisfaction.

Virtual desktop infrastructures are heterogeneous and complex. Any slowdown in the storage, virtualization, or network tiers results in virtual desktop slowness. The Prodata Systems VDI assessment service is targeted at organizations that have deployed virtual desktop technology and are looking at ways to scale the deployment and to identify and resolve any performance bottlenecks.

Its focus is to analyze every layer, every tier of the virtual desktop infrastructure and to highlight where performance bottlenecks may be, so remedial action can be taken to enhance the user experience and to ensure scalability for future expansion.

The assessment reflects a best-practice approach to diagnose and correct issues or to provide a “state-in-time” picture of the resource usage and performance of the virtual desktop environment.

The objectives of the Prodata Systems VDI Assessment are:

  • Provide a 360° view of resource usage and performance for virtual computing environments
  • Identify issues, both known and unknown
  • Identify and provide analysis of bottlenecks and performance issues with recommendations for remediation and follow up
  • Establish real-world performance thresholds as guideposts to gauge normal/abnormal operations in the virtual environment
  • Document the assessment process and findings in order to both facilitate communications with internal and external stakeholders and to provide evidence for remediation and resolution
VDI Assessment

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