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Identity Management

Identity Management

Everybody needs access, whether located at home, in a cyber cafe or hotel room.
With the rise of the Internet, available anywhere and anytime, remote workers now have the ability to connect to the company network using a VPN or SSL-VPN. Using such Virtual Private Networks, one can ensure the confidentiality of data exchanged over the internet – through a private tunnel – making sure that nobody else is able to read the exchanged information.

User authentication traditionally relies on a Username and Static Password. Once authenticated correctly, through the use of access control mechanisms, users will be granted or denied access to specific applications, resources or information.
Such Username and Password can easily be compromised, using Phishing, Pharming or Man-In-The-Middle attacks. Once the users’ credentials are compromised, they can be re-used.

By implementing additional security mechanisms, such as the use of multifactor authentication (MFA) or e.g. 2 factors together a.k.a. 2 factor authentication (2FA), a much higher level of security can be reached:

• Something you 'know' ( a PIN code or password)
• Something you 'have' (a device)

The solution only works if the user proves he has both authentication factors.
These authentication factors will generate a One Time Password which can only be used ONCE, replacing the users’ static password during the logon process. This makes the re-use of previously captured One Time Passwords impossible.

Prodata Systems supports you when rolling out a security solution and helps you to keep the helpdesk costs under control.
Prodata Systems looks carefully at the product’s lifespan and ensures that the deployment and day to day management of your authentication solution is easy.

Identity Management

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