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Network & Application Performance Monitoring

Understand the impact and origin. Collaborative problem solving.

ICT performance issues have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line. Solving them quickly means avoiding operational loss. IT administrators need real time view of network performance to ensure optimal conditions for business operations to be run through applications over the network.

Network & Application Performance Monitoring helps organizations save revenues and costs, improve their profitability by increasing IT infrastructure and application performance.

Efficiency of IT as well as the productivity of the business can be improved in five ways:

  1. Reduce operational losses due to performance deterioration
  2. Improve IT productivity
  3. Improve the management and planning of infrastructure costs by making appropriate decisions
  4. Keep the risk attached to deployments and migrations under control
  5. Measure the quality of service provided by IT

Prodata Systems can help you master these challenges and find the right solution to your performance degradations using Network & Application Performance Monitoring tools to:

  • Reduce the time during which users and business operations are impacted by slowdowns
  • Identify degradations before user complains
  • Understand the impact and origin in minutes
  • What is the origin of the degradation? (network, server, application)
  • Who is impacted? (which user groups or individual users)
  • Are specific servers at the origin of the issue?
  • Does the degradation occur only for specific transactions and which ones?
  • When does the degradation occur?

Prodata Systems offers Network & Application Performance Monitoring solutions which provide a continuous view of the end user experience compared to your organization’s service levels.

  • Providing an objective measurement of performance
  • Keeping track of intermittent performance degradations
  • Showing clearly the origin of the degradation, the perimeter impacted
Network & Application Monitoring

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