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With the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and the number of connected devices forecast to reach 50 billion by 2020, users expect and require IT to be responsive in meeting the access needs anytime, anywhere paradigm. This, along with other factors, increases the importance of the LAN infrastructure and makes it a critical business component.

The LAN has to handle the demands of the modern connected enterprise:

• Cloud computing and SaaS are bringing new capabilities, more efficiency, and cost savings to the enterprise
• If the converged network goes down, this means a serious blow to business processes and company revenue
• More critical enterprise applications such as voice and video are running over IP
• Enterprises are using social media as a new means to foster communications with external audiences, including customers, partners and suppliers
• Over one-third of enterprises use some type of voice and video over IP, such as desktop conferencing or telepresence

Prodata Systems provides an optimized LAN infrastructure solution supporting your evolving business requirements.

Prodata Systems will work with you by completing one or more of the following steps:
• Evaluate your company’s requirements
• Develop a LAN design that meets your requirements
• Select, install and configure hardware and software
• Test the new implementation
• Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance

Prodata Systems has more than 40 years of experience in installing, configuring, managing and maintaining network infrastructures, including some of the largest in Belgium, which is the best insurance for a flawless implementation of your new LAN infrastructure solution.


Automated network solutions by Extreme Networks keep Brussels metro on track

Operated by the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (or STIB), Brussels’ metro is a rapid transit system serving a large part of the Brussels- Capital region of Belgium. STIB runs over 850,000 metro, tram, and bus journeys every day for commuters, visitors and the 1.14 million residents of the Belgian capital.
The Brussels’ metro system faces some unique challenges as it pertains to their current and future business goals. The organization is nearly a 24x7x365 operation, meaning the environment and its connected systems cannot afford a disruption or drop in service. The number of passengers using public transportation in Brussels is growing exponentially with year-over-year demographic growth. As a result, during peak periods the system has hit the ceiling in terms of what manually controlled operations can achieve. The Brussels’ metro systems required a solution that would leverage automation to maximise the efficiency of its current and future capacity.

A mission-critical network solution

After evaluating their short-term and long-term goals, STIB concluded that an update to their IT network solution would meet the critical needs today, and by utilizing network-powered automation effectively, Brussels’ metro would see an estimated increase in capacity of 33%.  As such, STIB issued a formal RFP to collect and review potential options. The proposed network solution, labelled by STIB as the “Mission Critical Network,” had to allow for real-time automated control of metro traffic.


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