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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring: the rising demand for anytime-anywhere connectivity have created new challenges.

To run a successful business, enterprises need communication means with employees, customers, partners, visitors through any available channel.  These channels are critical because a major part of business communication is electronic in nature: e-mail, partner portals, online shops, payments, delivering quotations, planning meetings – even a simple phone call.

These communication flows, coming from number of sources and going even more destinations have one thing in common: to be efficient and all relay on the availability and performance of the network.

When it comes to monitoring and managing your enterprise network, it is important to have the flexibility to run your network your way.  A one-size-fits-all approach may not meet your needs as your business evolves.

Network monitoring and Management should provide:

  • An easy to use Web-interface with centralized authentication and single sign-on helping provide easy and secure access to all management applications
  • Support for multivendor networks
  • Dynamic optimization tools and Troubleshooting aid with root cause analysis and event correlation
  • Unified control of virtual and physical worlds
  • Flexible licensing

Standard features for all type of network infrastructure should be:

  • Network discovery and device classification
  • Network visualization
  • Real time monitoring and visualization
  • Fault management with automated alerts and reports
  • Performance management

Additionally features when including Wireless infrastructure:

  • Automated configuration
  • Integrated location tracking and RF visualization
  • Visualization for Rogue Device Detection
  • Visual Intruder Detection System Events and Thread Classification
  • Network Planning and Provisioning tools

And be able to follow the latest technologies, architectures and Products.

Prodata Systems Network Monitoring solutions bring the best approach that gives the enterprises the network monitoring and management tools that best fit in their unique environment. Enabling granular visual monitoring and network control aids, providing the ultimate foundation for a sound communication network and anytime-anywhere connectivity.

Network Monitoring

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