Application Delivery Control : Load balancing has evolved into something much greater

Reliable access to mission-critical applications is a key success factor for enterprises. Employees need to access enterprise applications on multiple devices, often using their own mobile devices.

Enterprises need to remove the roadblocks in their network to efficiently and securely deliver applications to users when and where they need them:

  • On-Premises Data Centers and the Cloud which requires healthy resource pools and the means to distribute them.
  • DNS Query Explosion: DNS failures account for 41 % of web downtime.  Keeping DNS available is essential.
  • Ever growing, App-Centric Infrastructure: The number of connected devices, coupled with the increase in machine-to-machine communications is putting new demands on today’s application-centric infrastructure. Organizations are moving to a cloud-driven environment to create application-delivery architectures that integrate with and extend the infrastructure. These architectures must still deliver the services applications require: security, availability, and acceleration.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) combines the benefits of anywhere access with a centralized set of virtual desktops. Users need flexibility, choice, desktop customization and support for mobile devices, while businesses require secure control, ready deployment.

Web users expect fast, uninterrupted access to rich, dynamic applications wherever they are. Failing to meet these expectations, users look for and easily find alternatives. Enterprises need accelerate application response time, minimize latency and delays, and reduce the number of data round trips necessary to complete a web request.

Accelerating web applications can be expensive and introduce administrative overhead. The Application Delivery Control solutions adds application acceleration functions into the application delivery layer and promotes a simple acceleration policy that results in greatly reduced cost and complexity.

Prodata Systems Application Delivery Control solutions enforce Core Capabilities for Optimizing Applications. Ensuring Reliable Access, Availability and Performance to mission-critical applications: a key success factor for enterprises

Prodata Systems partners with F5 to enforce Application Delivery Control solutions.

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