IDS/IPS: Stay ahead of the threat!

The intrusion detection and prevention IDS/IPS solutions keep your network safe and detect and block attacks. They provide greater control and greater visibility, which is where the real value is. The IDS/IPS solutions are using deep packet inspection to provide vulnerability shielding, web application protection and application control.

They protect against:
•  protocol deviations
•  “zero day” attacks
•  newly discovered vulnerabilities
•  SQL injection
•  XSS – cross site scripting
•  other web application vulnerabilities

Our IDS/IPS solutions can be applied to protect physical, virtual, VDI, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid architectures, making it easier for IT operations to move from one architecture to another, quickly and easily, without compromising security.

Prodata Systems offers unified threat management systems (UTMs), which contain the ability to perform network firewalling, network intrusion detection and prevention, and gateway antivirus (AV) inherently in one appliance.

Prodata Systems will assist you with expert consulting and services:
•  IDS/IPS – UTM device provisioning and deployment
•  Policy creation
•  Signature management and tuning
•  Security and compliance reporting
•  Auditable and accurate change management

Prodata Systems is a WatchGuard, Trend Micro and Check Point partner.


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