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Like any well-built construction, your IT requires a solid, robust platform to build from. Making sure your core server infrastructure is up to the job, fit for the long-term and is reliable is therefore critical to your future plans.

Our experience spans every type of servers from HPE, rack mount to pizza box, blade to tower delivering a variety of platform related solutions including:

  • OS Upgrades and Migrations – to enjoy the benefits of the latest software
  • Server Upgrades and Consolidation – to improve horse-power, unlock the benefits of 64 bit applications and reduce the number of machines managed. Potential upgrade to server hardware with the latest processors and technologies
  • Blade and Extra Dense Computing – to reduce server footprint and free up real estate
  • Virtualization – to consolidate resources and simplify data center management
  • Infrastructure Review and update – key to ensuring your organization is aligned to meet both today’s business needs and future changes or opportunities
  • Management – to monitor, configure and automate provisioning for your complete server environment

We pride ourselves on our original thinking so whatever you need to achieve with your server infrastructure we’ll make sure you have options and will give you insight into upcoming, emerging technologies that might just fit.

Prodata Systems is an HPE partner with the highest certifications, we deliver the best platform for your core server infrastructure.

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