Prodata Systems offers a non-stop service in specific, strategic and carefully selected ICT domains

Prodata Systems is an engaged, knowledgeable and experienced ICT partner who is committed to improve the competitiveness of companies and organisations, their business processes and customer relations.

We offer customer centric innovative solutions and managed services with optimal total cost of ownership. Our professional network solution engineers will design, implement and maintain any aspect of your networking, security, communications and systems projects.


Datacenter Solutions

The new business and consumer society is developing all the time. Data information and communication is playing an increasingly strategic role in day to day interactions with customers, suppliers and other internal and external parties.

Each company or organisation needs an ICT organisation, infrastructure and services which supports this ever growing and changing fact.

Considering these factors you need to ensure you have update information at your disposal. Having access to a state-of-the-art datacenter ensures your company needs will not exceed the capacity of your datacenter.

Use Prodata Systems to help you define the optimum balance between speed, availability and capacity of your present or future datacenter.



When it comes to managing your network, we give you the freedom to choose. Because a one-size-fits-all approach can’t possibly meet your needs as your business evolves. That’s why it’s important to have the flexibility to manage your network your way.



Prodata Systems is dedicated to provide customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership.

We are committed to staying focused on customer needs and developing solutions that redefine the security landscape today and in the future.


Mobile & Workplace Solutions

The all-wireless workplace enables communication anywhere and delivers business apps everywhere people work. It supports BYO-everything and does it securely and reliably.

Instead of spending more and more money to expand their wired networks, many of our customers have invested in an all-wireless workplace and enjoyed unprecedented savings.
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