About Prodata Systems

Prodata Systems is an engaged, knowledgeable and experienced ICT partner who is committed to improve the competitiveness of companies and organisations, their business processes and customer relations.

We offer customer centric innovative solutions and managed services with optimal total cost of ownership. Our professional network solution engineers will design, implement and maintain any aspect of your networking, security, communications and systems projects.


Managed Services: Are you lacking resources to operate your IT infrastructure?

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, well-maintained IT operations are more critical than ever in an organization’s ability to keep up with changing business demands.

If you feel like you are constantly reacting to IT crisis and dealing with the frustrations of extended downtime, lack of technical knowledge and unpredictable costs, let Prodata Systems help you with its Managed Services.


Audits & Assessments

Technology moves at a fast pace. Even the most progressive business has to spend considerable time researching and reviewing its IT strategy. Ensuring adherence to industry and vendors best practices, providing the highest quality of service, delivering high availability, and continuously improving performance is a continual challenge. There may also be the concern over security and loss of data which could result in significant exposure for your business.

Prevention really is better than cure in most cases, and by proactively tackling your concerns, you will be lowering the risk posed to your business.

Prodata Systems offers a broad scope of auditing information security:


Health Check Services: Prevention is better than cure

Prodata Systems Health Check is a technical assessment of your existing systems to ensure that you continue to achieve the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

It provides practical guidance and recommendations relating to the operation and technical configuration of your IT assets. These recommendations enable you to reduce the complexity, risk, and costs associated with rapidly changing environments to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency.

It will also give you the opportunity to discuss any particular areas of concern and enable us to look at any short or longer term plans you may have in this area.


Implementation Services: Facilitate a successful infrastructure deployment

At the Implementation phase vision and plan become reality with one main activity: deploying the new system in its target environment.

Before the physical installation, Prodata Systems deploys a team of certified technicians with specific expertise and skill sets to meet your needs and complete your project.

Every projects starts with a briefing so our experts can learn about your needs, goals, even your anticipated growth. They work with you to design the solution that meets your needs.

Than all the necessary groundwork prior to the actual implementation is tested in our staging lab, followed by the physically install, configure, and test of your solution. We can als provide specific configuration and necessary training for your staff.

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