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There are few places in a hospital where as many processes and information systems need to work in close cooperation as in the digital operating theatre. The main applications are video applications like endoscopic, microscopic and ICT applications (e.g. the Computerised Patient Record), images from the PACS, instrument track-and-trace systems and the PDMS.

Our concept of a digital operating theatre is that it has to be “an open infrastructure for images, sound and ICT”. This is a new, unique approach whose main features compared to the “traditional” digital operating theatre solutions are:

• An open and modular platform for medical images, sound and ICT
• A tailor-made solution using proven technology
• A modular set-up. different technologies can gradually be integrated , so it is future-oriented
• No delay or distortion of images
• Lower management costs and a higher level of availability, in other words, more certainty
• One point of contact in the operating theatre for images, sound and ICT

The company also offers solutions for:
• Videoconferencing
• Bedside terminals
• Computer on wheels
• Video surveillance

The Prodata Group has been offering network, security & infrastructure solutions to Healthcare. Since 2009 we have developed ProVISION, an independent, open infrastructure to manage images, sound & ICT in the medical process.

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