How indoor navigation and asset tracking can simplify your life & generate business benefits.

ILeadme_Prodata_systemsndoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning, Indoor Analytics and Indoor Tracking are called one of the most promising greenfields to improve the overall client/patient experience and loyalty by Microsoft and Google.

At the same time, indoor mapping seems to be very complex in such a way that the only known solutions require large investments. Those being: new high density WiFi-environments, beacons, lasers, location trackers, scanners,… . Even though these solutions are available, the price and complexity are just two of the reasons why they are not obvious at all.

Nowadays, nearly everyone carries a smartphone. Why not use that as a tracking sensor? Smartphones are packed with useful sensors (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, Magnetometers, GPS, …) which can help track people in specific zones.

From a management perspective you could say that the sky is the limit. With the use of Geofences and Workflows we can link actions to specific locations and zones. The possibilities are endless: pushing audio guises, advertising in stores, confirming appointments etc.

The main business benefits are:

–   Increased operational efficiency: Confirming appointments when someone enters a building or waiting room.
–   Improved security: Minimalize evacuation time, push redirections in case of incidents or blocked corridors, avoid unwanted entry or unwanted extraction of valuable equipment.
–   Big data return: Track who has spent a certain amount of time in a certain area, the amount of loyal visitors, …
–   Improved customer experience: Avoids people from getting lost, push helpful information (audio guides), localize hotspots (shops, cafeteria’s, …) and overall help and information (ask and deliver).

We can talk about:

–   Pro’s and con’s of the different technologies: WIFI, Magnetic positioning, RFID, GPS, Ultra wide band, Low energy beacons.
–   Business benefits: Marketing return, Indoor analytics, Increased security & protection of assets, Transformation of the customer experience.
–   Use cases: Discuss several use cases such as Frankfurt airport, Amsterdam Arena, Hospital relevance, Indoor person tracking.
–   Solution and implementation advice: Best practises, ways of implementation, POC advice
–   Expected innovations: Hologram, Augmented reality, Dynamic content, Automated workflows

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