EMERGE – This isn’t your average networking event.

Delicious food, live music and a holy gin bar in combination with inspirational sessions, round tables and customer cases. Yes, we’ve thought of everything and everyone.

“This is my world. A world where ideas, insights and concept meet the universe of food and drink.”
Ladislas Leys

Key Speaker  Marc Herremans

Marc Herremans shows you how to turn a setback into an opportunity, how setbacks stimulate creativity and challenges and that every disadvantage has an advantage.

The digital transformation at Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport has developed its Strategic Vision 2040 that is supported by a long-term development plan for the airport itself and for Belgium as a whole. What is our role here?

Table talks

Ask your questions directly. Our various specialists & partners are there for you in the technology corners & demo area to discuss business relevant innovationsBut then… Dinner, VR-booths, live DJ & GIN bar

This event will be hosted by Luc Blyaert, digital expert

15:30 Opening

16:00 Welcome Bart Carbonez & Luc Blyaert

16:15 The digital transformation of Brussels Airport

17:00 Table talks & drinks

17:45 Achieving your life goals – Marc Herremans

18:30 Apero & Walking dinner

19:00 Opening VR-testing

19:30  Live DJ & Gin bar

The Holy Food Market. A 16th-century chapel was transformed into an indoor food market with various food stands and a lounge bar.

Address: Holy food Market, Beverhoutplein 15, 9000 Gent, google maps

Parking: Vrijdagmarkt 1, 9000 Gent, google maps

Take your moment to have an informal talk with our Partners at their tables during the break. We have suggested some topics but feel free to ask all your questions.

  • Kaspersky – Interactive Protection Simulation game & security awareness
  • Kaspersky – Endpoint protection against ransomware
  • Kaspersky Cyber Security – Intelligence Services (APT-reporting, Anti-Targeted attack, DFIR, etc)
  • HPE – Making hybrid IT simple
  • HPE – The Intelligent edge: multi device, Artificial Intelligence, serverless
  • Forcepoint CASB – Shed Light on the Cloud App Visibility Blind Spot
  • Security driven by the Human Point – A focus on the people who create, touch and move data using DLP and Insider Threat technologies in the process
  • Prodata Systems – Future technology talks


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