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Time to Transform

Realizing a succesful digital transformation is not an exact science

Transform: realizing a successful digital transformation is not an exact science. It is accelerated by bright ideas, by management-buy-in, by team-efforts. However, mainly… by trial and error… by experimenting and learning… by failing fast in order to innovate faster. Ideas and initiatives are often limited or shut down by the reality of aged legacy infrastructure and security constraints. This is something we saw in every market in the past 3 years and this makes most companies know where they are heading and realized their journey starts with an upgrade of their IT infrastructure.

This is where we as Prodata Systems intervene, addressing our market with one key message: time to transform. We guide our customers through their transformation following these 4 guidelines:

1. Transform your datacenter into a strategic asset

Installing a performant and always-available hybrid datacenter with cloud integration will allow organizations to take the initiatives determined by the business and turn them into reality. Not only do employees rely on that infrastructure, but also their partners, their suppliers, and most importantly, their customers.

For example: a 1 second delay gives 7% loss in conversions, 11% less page views and a 16% in customer satisfaction. For a business, that earns $100.000 per day, this results in a loss of $2.5 million in sales. Therefore, the goal is to remove the worry: Create something future proof so they never lack the necessary speed, never wonder if there is enough capacity and never fear there will be outages.

2. Transform your network into a digital platform

The intelligence of a network lies at the edge. In 2020, we expect to have 50 billion things connected to a network according to recent research. That is 5 devices per person on earth. In addition, each of those devices has about 6 to 9 sensors. The cost of an accelerometer was $7 in 2007 and it is now $0,2 USD. Gathering, combining and dash boarding all that information is the ultimate goal. However, this brings challenges: In bandwidth, in flexibility, in scalability and security. We solve this by building an intuitive network, based on transparency and automation. Drastically reducing time to market of new offices, hub’s and other flexible working areas.

3. Transform your security data into useful insights

Most of the investments that where done around the GDPR in the past years resulted in few successes. The most useful part of the investments that are done is the logs all those new solutions generate. A typical environment with 200 office workers generates about one million datapoints/logs per month. Relying on the human brain to correlate, validate and act on all that data is a utopia. At the other hand…Having their security managed and run by artificial intelligence only sounds somewhat scary. The ideal solution is a mix Baselining behavior of people, devices, software and sensitive data can only be done by artificial intelligence. The goals is to synthesize, baseline, score and dashboard abnormal behavior to people, for example to a security officer who can act upon those threats.

4. Transform your IT-operations with Hybrid Managed Services

Global research shows that 40% of the time of IT-teams is spent on keeping the lights on, and another 40% on fighting problems. The remaining 20% goes to implementing new projects under high pressure. That leaves no time to strategize and think about innovations. The challenge described can only be concurred in a structural way by building a winning team. A team of experts, a team with trust and trusted partners. Companies need to be able to offload and to have trust that the things they outsource are done properly. We all engage in SLA’s, metrics, KPI’s and penalty contracts…but extensive research on outsourcing shows that there is only 1 decisive factor…Trust. Which brings us back to the basics of our business. The reason we love our business. People to people interactions.

We all address the similar issues and address similar opportunities. Our differentiator is our people and the choices we make in solutions and vendors to fulfill that need. So check us out and invite us to experience the difference we make.

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