The GDPR deadline is sneaking up on us. The 25th of May 2018 will have a big impact on business level but most of us are still trying to figure out what we need to do. In this session Exabeam will showcase their solutions to give you a clear idea of how they handle data protection and what you should be doing exactly.

  • Which events should I be logging?
  • Which log sources provide useful information?
  • How to collect logs from Active Directory, Syslog and Cloud sources
  • Different solutions to centrally store raw log files
  • Automating log correlation, baselining and UEBA the next-Gen way

Cyber threats keep growing – they’re more frequent and affect more people. Your security systems can’t detect them, and your incident response teams are overloaded. Exabeam changes the game for your SOC and IR teams. Unlike legacy SIEM products, Exabeam is built from the ground up to address security needs in a world of big data, identity-based threats, and painful expertise shortages.

During this demo we’ll show you a new way to detect and respond to threats.


12h00 Welcome & Lunch
13h00 Workshop
15.30 Q&A
16h00 Drink


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