About Us

Prodata Systems is a leading company in the design, delivery, implementation and maintenance of ‘tailor-made’ and ‘turn-key’ ICT solutions.

For over 40 years, Prodata Systems offers solutions for the complete network environment, from infrastructure to system solutions and related Managed Services. The portfolio also includes solutions for the total enterprise virtualization and output management. Through the years, we developed turnkey solutions for different markets such as the industry and transport sector, defense sector and many others…

Quality services and quality solutions are our basic goals (we are an ISO 9001 certified company) in order to keep you – our customers – satisfied and successful as we have for many, many years.

Our Vision

The new business and consumer society is developing all the time. Data information and communication is playing an increasingly strategic role in day-to-day interactions with customers, suppliers and other internal and external parties. Each company or organisation needs an ICT organisation, infrastructure and services which supports our ever growing and changing world.

Our objective

Build long-term, high-value relationships with customers through partnership and commitment.

Our Mission

Streamlining your business and caring about your customers. Prodata Systems is committed to improve the competitiveness of companies and organisations, their business processes or/and their relationships with their customers. Through our set of proven solutions we create value in the total ICT value chain by allowing our customers to focus on new strategic ICT projects.


Prodata Systems values are key to our culture, spirit and way of working. They are the fundamentals of our services and the way we implement our solutions.

  • Customisation is standard
  • We do it, focused
  • Ownership & commitment
  • People make the difference
  • Passionate to succeed
  • Quality as the basis of our work
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